Center for Autism Resources and Education

Our mission is to provide continued education, professional training, resources, and
related support to parents, professionals, and other caregivers.

 The Center for Autism Resources and Education’s (C.A.R.E.) mission is to:

              • provide on-going assessment of the needs of the community for specialized services and support
              • providing on-going training opportunities and workshops
              • address the needs of the whole family
              • increase the awareness of autism spectrum disorders in the community
              • offer resources on various topics through the Parent and Professional Resource Library and to
              • support our professional, pediatric community in the early identification of children who may be
                at-risk for autism spectrum disorder
              • This mission is currently being fulfilled, but would be significantly enhanced with the availability of cohesive and collaborative services.  C.A.R.E is interested in pursuing the prospect of a capital campaign for the purpose of creating a Full Service Spectrum Center with the support of local business and family sponsors.

                C.A.R.E. is a 501 (c)(3) not-for-profit organization, Federal I.D. #65-1054425.